Press Release: ‘Indecent’ Bible Animation from Atheist disappear from YOUTUBE without a trace

Press Release

Original: 2009/1/16
Translated 1/18
‘Indecent’ Bible Animation from Atheist disappear without a trace

A pastor has made slanderous and defaming comment about GLBT in the discussion of Domestic Violence Ordinance,so the original initiator of Bible complain OhmyGod make an animation of “Bedtime Bible –the Fall of Sodomites and Lot’s Incest" to demonstrate the quoted passage from the Bible is actually a story promoting incest. However, this popular Bible animation doesn’t stay in YOUTUBE more than half a day, it is removed and his account is immediately banned WITHOUT ANY REASONS GIVEN WHATSOEVER.

Since the last Bible complain incident, TELA of Hong Kong already classified Bible as Category I which is suitable for all ages,to protest the act of censorship against ‘material deem disrupting the social harmony’ by YOUTUBE, we started this ‘Flood the Youtube with Indecent Biblical Animation campaign’; Does the behavior of YOUTUBE exemplify what will happen after the renew of “Obscene and indecent article ordinance" (censorship system in Hong Kong) ?

Biblical condone Incest in its passage?
For what Christian see as a story to demonstrate the fall of Sodomites due to presence of Gay and Lesbian, what we actually see in the story is much more than that. The so-called good guy Lot in the story, suggests that the mob may rape their virgin daughters in order to preserve the angels’ safety. Moreover, he later impregnates his two daughters, allegedly to preserve the seeds of his bloodline. Within 3 days, truthbible website has receive more than 10k hits for this Bible animation.

Netizen demands the rationale behind the removal of Bible animation by YOUTUBE
What YOUTUBE did was removing the Bible animation,along with any trace of its existence, including banning Ohmygod’s YOUTUBE account within half day. The rude behavior of YOUTUBE caused much furor among Hong Kong Netizens. It is a big cause for concern since TELA has already classified Christian Bible as category I — suitable for all ages, why YOUTUBE abuse its authority to remove any material that may deem offensive to Society of Truth and Light — a Christian Right organization in Hong Kong? Since the inception of this campaign, many Netizens opened new accounts just for the sake of uploading this Bible animation. It has been uploaded more than 30 times.

The censorship system has a record of biased against minority and unpopular voice,would such incident of self-censorship become commonplace in future?

Now in the Review of the Control of Obscene and Indecent Articles Ordinance, HKSAR suggests to mandate all ISP to provide filtering system to users, many akin that to be a Hong Kong style Great Firewall. If we review the judgment made by censorship bodies of HKSAR,we can find evidences violating common sense and logic, while in favor of established religions. For instance, the world famous CUSP questionnaire is classified as Indecent by the mere question over incest fantasy,while the reproduction of the same content in the website owned by Christian Right flagship Society of Truth and Light, TELA refused classification. In another case, Broadcasting authority STRONGLY URGE ‘Gay Lover’ in its alleged biased toward gay marriage; however, it refuse to process complains against TV program promoting Christian Right’s ‘Family Value’ and Creationism. The judgments in both cases are later overthrow in expansive Highest Court that few can afford. Now, when Internet filtering is implemented, what could webmasters do to protest when their website is blocked? How could Netizens know what information are they deprived from? As ‘indecent’ content disappear before anyone know it!

The banned animationn:"Bedtime Bible –the Fall of Sodomites and Lot’s Incest" … ble1.shtml

Click here for this in pdf format

[1] Unfairly complain processed by censorship bodies:
2006 Netizen complained about 星火飛騰 promoting superstition but the case is dropped from investigation.
2007 Netizen complained《Hour Of Power (ENG/CANT)》making miracle claims without scientific investigation and seeking professional explanation from Psychiatrist. Some consider it being unfair since it lack naturalistic interpretation. The case is dragging on until now.

[2] The status of the Bible animation uploaded to YOUTUBE Removed by YOUTUBE Require Age verification Require Age verification Removed by YOUTUBE Removed by YOUTUBE Removed by YOUTUBE Removed by YOUTUBE Removed by YOUTUBE Removed by YOUTUBE Removed by YOUTUBE Removed by YOUTUBE Removed by YOUTUBE Removed by YOUTUBE Removed by YOUTUBE Require Age verification Removed by YOUTUBE by YOUTUBE by YOUTUBE by YOUTUBE Removed by YOUTUBE Removed by YOUTUBE

[3]Quotes from Netizens:
mm104337 (youtube)
Does that mean conservative Christian prefer Incest over ‘Go Gay’?

mcdon1978 (youtube)
Protest self-censorship by YOUTUBE, return my freedom of information!
When the censorship system is place, what can we see in the Internet 😥
Speech freedom and NO CENSORSHIP!!

hac129 (youtube)
Against fundamentalist! Against censorship! We love justice!

ballballpen89 (youtube)
It is not a joke. If one day this preemptive mechanism is applied, will any of us able to see this comment?

Fai (Golden)
If Christian think Indecent Bible is an outdated concept, so why not Gay blasting in according to the outdated Bible?

Should we maintain the concept that Bible is always right?(since Bible is God’s word!)

This story is about the good guy in the Lord’s eye, which he send angels to save him from the falling city, which become the ancestor for the whole Shiite race. From what I see, it is a good ending for this ‘good’ guy(who committed incest.)
Now when we read rape cases in newspaper, however sensational is the story; it always end up the suspect is being arrested or prosecuted. In the worst case s, the case is being investigate by the police. Comparing them two, how can we avoid making the conclusion that the Bible is ‘encouraging’ incest in the layman’s eye? How would you define ‘encouraging’ otherwise?



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