Magical Transformer+Euler’s Coil Technology

The idea of Magical Transformer is to let electromagnetic coil vibrate between Permanent magnets so to ‘extract’ magnetic energy from the magnetic field from them. Ideally, we could place two Permanent magnets with the same poles facing each end of the electromagnetic coil, so the electromagnetic coil would vibrate when there is a variation of the electromagnetic field of the electromagnetic coil.
As we all remember that, the idea of Euler’s Coil Technology is to use configuration and alignment of the electromagnetic coils to produce a strengthening effect of the variation of individual electromagnetic coil. What happen if we combine two ideas together?
i.e. Instead of placed only electromagnetic coil between the Permanent magnets, we can place two of them in parallel or three of them as a triangle, or fourth of them as in a square; then use only one electromagnetic coil as the source coil. Due to mutual induction, all of them will produce the same variation of magnetic polarities in two ends, and then all of them would experience the same attracting and repelling forces from both magnets in two ends alternatively. However the effect of the magnet have on the electromagnetic coil, it would be amplified by the configuration of electromagnetic coil. Thus we expect the amplitude of the oscillation of the electromagnetic coils would increase, and more electrical energy output from the electromagnetic coils.



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