The Secret of Electrical Energy Generation

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The Secret of Electrical Energy Generation

By Euler


(All copyright reserved)

Convention wisdom of Physics stated that electrical generation is a process of energy conversion from kinetic energy to electrical energy. It is often implement in the following manner: copper coil wire hold by an iron core is led to circling around a number of fixed Magnetic poles. It is thought that the iron core would attract the Magnetic flux line to flow through itself from the one Magnetic poles to another Magnetic pole of opposite Magnetic polarity. The copper coil, due to its proximity with the iron core, would experience the same variation of the Magnetic field as the iron core. Copper coil then respond to the change of Magnetic field by produce an antagonistic Magnetic field to counteract the change imposed by it.

However, the above discussion have failed to take into account an important fact of the iron core. If the above discussion is right, it follow that we wouldn’t need to devise methods to detach the iron core from the captivity of Magnet. Why? Magnetic flux line would only flow through a material only when they share the same Magnetic polarity. By the rule of ‘Same Poles repel, Opposite Poles attract’, the iron core would experience a force to depart from the vicinity of Magnet. However, this is against the common sense that iron would only be attracted to Magnet. Therefore, we could deduce easily there is a serious flaw in the above sequences. The problem lies in the hypothesis that Magnetic flux line flow through the iron core require that the iron core to have the identical Magnetic Polarity as the side of Magnet facing, which is obviously nonsensical.

If we instead to start from the common sense assertion that the iron core has produce an opposite Magnetic pole facing the pole of Magnet. It then follows that three Magnetic circulations would be found when the iron core is near the Magnet. One start from one pole of Magnet and end in the side of iron core facing the Magnet. One circulate within the iron core from one end to another. Yet another one start from the other end of the iron core to the Magnetic Pole in the Magnet nearby. It is not one but three separate Magnetic currents flowing simultaneously. And the Magnetic current flowing within the iron core pays the most critical role in the process of electrical energy production. Instead of the copper coil reacting to the Magnetic flux lines pull by iron core, the copper coil is reacting only to the responding Magnetic field in the iron core. The Magnet’s role is thus not to provide the background of Magnetic variation, it’s role lies in eliciting the Magnetic potential energy from the iron core, and the change of Magnetic field of the iron core as directed by the Magnets outside is what produce electricity.

With this understanding in mind, we could reconstruct the Generator with the focus on the iron core’s reaction to surrounding Magnetic field. Theoretically, anything that would cause the iron core to vary its Magnetic field would produce electricity in the surrounding copper coil.



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