The process of flotation

This is written as a sequel to my last discussion on flotation, the theoretical breakthrough I have is that the gravity force acting on water molecule is NOT negligible as stated in Advance Physics. Just like air molecules, all of the water molecules is accelerating downward at 9.8/s; the only difference is a stronger bonding force between water molecules tend to wear down the effect of gravity, thus giving an impression that water is act as many layers stacked together. And the layer is responding as if it is elastic. Since gravity is unidirectional, thus the elasticity must be coming from the electromagnetic forces acting as spring between the molecules. How does that related to the process of flotation?

In my last article, I suppose that as an non-water-permeable object immersed in water, it would first push out the water molecules nearest to it. Since the gravity has a stronger effect on the object than the water molecules surrounding it, therefore it is squeezing the water molecules just beneath it. Notice that the surface tension is elicited by difference of acceleration by gravity between the object and water molecule which is also depending on the variation of the strength of the horizontal bonding force in respond to their difference in acceleration.

Undeniably, some water molecules would be accelerate downward by the object, while other pushed side-ward. While part of the later would pass the momentum sideways, other dissipate their momentum by pushing other water molecules upward, thus we see the rising of water near the immersed object. As the former travel sideways, they continually dissipate the momentum by pushing other upward or sideways. Undeniably, some of those kinetic energy lost as thermal energy. Thus, some part of gravitational energy from the object has heated up the surrounding water. If those travel sideway eventually reach unmovable solid mass like land, part of gravitational force is absorbed by land mass as heat. As the unmovable solid mass bounce back, the object immersed in water get a temporary lift. As stated in last article, some part of the weight is ‘cancel’ by water streams accelerated by the object running into each other,

The conclusion is by taken into consideration of the gravity’s effect on water molecules, part of the flotation force is coming from the rebound effect of the land mass at the bottom of ocean, part of the weight of the object is used to heating up the water.

To test this hypothesis, we can try an experiment which a heavy object with lower density than water is slowly immersed into the water inside a bottle. Then in a thermal insulated environment, we can measure the change of temperature in the process of flotation, then we can also measure the water pressure at the side of bottle. In according to the discussion above, we should expect both of them to be rise as the result. Also, we can break bottle by immersing the object if the object is massive enough.

Anyone like to do this experiment?



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