The invention of an air-car

Fri, Oct 19, 2007 at 6:32 PM

The idea of my air-car-engine is similar to existing car engine
since both of them run through 4 cycle, and for the smoothness of motion
we require more than one chamber. (like v-8 engine)
However, the difference is that this engine does NOT directly drive the
wheel, instead it is creating difference of air pressure in propelling the vechicle
forward. i.e. The motion of the wheel is driven by the air pressure, not the engine.
Preliminary design is one suction engine at the front, and one expulsion engine at
the back. The driver change direction by changing the direction of expulsion of the air.

The same idea could applied to any vechicle, with or without wheels. Thus its market
include all means of transportation: cars, trains, Rail, ship, boat and airplane.



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