My thought on Gas Law

Mon, Apr 11, 2005 at 12:44 AM

Yet another idea of today is about gas law. Something we haven’t
notice for a long time: the effect of the walls. As in every moment
the wall is bombard with gas particles. And in each collusion, the gas
particle is changing its course of motion. i.e. A force was exert by
the wall to those air molecules every time a particle collide with the
wall. Where does this impulse come from? The electromagnetic ‘spring’
of each atom in the wall. Since the wall itself doesn’t move by the
gas, we see gas particle is continuously extracting electromagnetic
energy from the solid wall, just we may not notice. Since the wall
itself doesn’t become fatigue after containing a gas for a long time,
we have reason believe this is yet another source of inexhaustible
energy. The only problem is that we have not yet develop a good way to
harvest it.
The extension of this observation is the shape of the container does
affect this interaction process. So in some rather inaccessible area
of the container, we would expect a low air pressure, in some readily
accessible area of container, we would expect a high air pressure. The
distribution of air pressure itself is a measure of probability of
reaching there through random movement. On the other hand, the shape
of an container could change the distribution of air pressure by
changing the probabilities of different component vector of air
molecules as a whole being reinforced. A container symmetry in all 3
dimension would likely cancel out all the work done by the container
to the air molecules as a whole. An asymmetry in one dimension of the
container could be serve as a reinforcer of impulse for the air
molecules as a whole toward the opposite of this direction. By doing
this on purpose, we have a container that would drive the direction of
air molecule. Moreover, if the shape of that container is changeable,
then we could choose which vector component that we would like to
reinforce, causing increase in air pressure toward desired direction
inside or outside the container. We could control the average of air
pressure in whatever direction we like by changing the shape of



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