My Disappointment on Christianity in HK

Sat, Jul 28, 2007 at 10:59 AM

The recent current events has led me to grave disappointment of local Christianity, and I will no longer associated with any of them in HK.
The events I refer to is Bible incident after CUSP incident, the official Christian reaction I got is ‘We are on the morally superior side, and we don’t care about the injustice, we care only about the intergity of Bible’. It appears to me that as long as the system serve the goal of Christian dominating the definition of morality, they don’t care about injustice system and its victim(as long as they are not the victim.) Worst, they are working against the reform of censorship system since they have the upper hand, which is against the public good.
The decline of HK Christianity(Protestant, not Catholic) begin when Communist China grant it the power to elect CEO of HKSAR. Since then Christianity become part of the national machinery working to repress people’s urge for freedom and democracy: For instance, boycott demonstration of Universal Suffrage when there’s open GLBT participation. And now is in close collaboration with a bigot organization like Society of Truth and Light, whose all activities seems to incite greater hatred between majority and sexual minority. It is thus not surprised when STL member is also in the biggest Pro-Beijing political party: DAB, as well as rank-and-file government position: Chief Justice. It is not unjustified to consider STL as Neo-Nazi or hate-monger, and it is profiting from hitting the GLBT hard. How would the non-Christian thought of the Christian here? Nazi-Catholic?
Now, the precious little freedom left in the media is constantly being attacked by STL as immoral and damaging to minor. That is the excuse HKSARG use to prosecute those with biggest dissenting voice: CUSP(except the allege indecent question is all about critize the HKSARG), MingPao(not Pro-government), Appledaily(famous for dissenting voice and call for greater democracy), Inmedia(famous social activist site). The worst part is STL actually participate in some of attack of above list.
The latest news it is seeking to shut down an Anti-STL website using copyright as weapon, which put itself in the category as Microsoft(vs Lindows), SCMP and other copyright horder. Of course, it has warchest funded by Christian community here. None of its action could be consider righteous(including slandering about GLBT for 23 days in newspaper advertisement), but most of them are not severely criticized by local Christianity. It appears to me their philosophy is ‘The end justify the means’.
These are Christian making idolatry of Ten Commandants and Bible, and siding with the powerful authority to prosecute the poor and powerless. Soon people would see Christian in the same level of fanatic. And within 2 years we would expect street-fighting between Christian and non-Christian.
It is so ironic that I live in the most secularized region of most secularized nation when we have religion wars.



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