Innovation on Apr 6, 2005

Wed, Apr 6, 2005 at 4:00 PM
Could we improve the delivery of water to place in higher location
with the aid of electrical energy? We all know that water is attracted
by electrostatic force. Suppose we applied a voltage from the bottom
of the water pipe to the higher end of it, then we have an external
copper wire to conduct the current back to the bottom of the water
pipe, the pipe is lamented with non-conducting material to reduce the
waste of energy on Eddie current. As the current flowing upward, part
of its kinetic energy is transfer to the water molecule, and re-supply
by the voltage provider. To improve its efficiency, valve maybe
necessary. It is better than any pump since pump waste a lot of energy
in internal friction and lost as heat, and a good conductor wouldn’t
loss that much energy.


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