Innovation idea on Jul 14, 2005

Thu, Jul 14, 2005 at 12:00 PM

1. About Rubix Cube, what if we have a ring of different to complete instead of square for identical color. Moreover, we could have a version made up of 2 by 2 by 2? The innovation is to combine two ideas into one, plus the solution doesn’t have to be identical color in the same ring. It could be of different color once, a particular arrangement. Furthermore, the manufacturer could also created variation, which have a different set of solution. Now we could have a series of Euler’s Cube instead of one, thus the game become more durable.
2. An extension of my idea of we can prevent Magnetization in a particular orientation by inserting non-magnetized material in Magnetizable material in the right way is that we could applied this concept into any field: Like Electrical or thermal or radiation. The concept is identical: insert a material that is not as readily affected by the particular field in such a way that block the formation of future fields of a particular orientation by breaking its ‘circuit’. With this idea we could build a metal that would only conduct heat in a particular fashion we designed. This material has the effect of creating a regular field in the face of random field strength from all direction, thus has an ordering effect.
3. Fluid Jet Engine concept that could be installed in any vehicle regardless of the medium they are moving in: Road, Air, Space and Water. It is different from conventional jet engine that it does NOT have emission, and need no exhaust. Therefore it could run for virtually unlimited distance with a fixed amount of liquid. This engine is NOT intended for existing fuel as it is running by electricity. It is in direct violation of Newton’s assertion that an object could NOT propel itself from the inside, thus all force is acting in a single direction. The principle is essential a Water Gun propelling an object from inside with its recoil, and a mechanism is there to eliminate the acting force by water on the wall of this object, which also recycle the water.


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