Ideas on 7 Mar 2005

Mon, 7 Mar 2005 17:28:34 +0800

1. Have any seen the phenomena of oil droplet forming a thin plate
when the soup become cold? And in winter I often heard from
experienced housewives that we don’t need detergent, ONLY hot water to
clean dish.
I wonder if we can exploit this phenomena to its fullest extent,
then we could a machine that supercooling all the dirty dish we wish
to wash. Then peel off the oil layer from the dish. We do NOT need any
detergent in the process. It is definitely more environmental friendly
then any of the ‘green’ detergent. We are using the fact that oil
molecule is much easier to solidify than water. The problem now lies
in how to ‘peel off’ these oil layer completely given the irregular
shape of the food remain?
2. Is there a way to keep the brain from overheating by fever while
let the body enjoy the clannish effect of the high temperature? If we
could build up some sort of thermal shelter between head and the



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