Follow up on Two ideas

Wed, Mar 30, 2005 at 12:20 AM

1. Follow up of the magnetic car concept: This concept could be
extended to any vehicle carrying any number human being or/and object.
The advantages of it is that consumed little or no energy from
whatever source, therefore it could be operate for an extended period
of time without the need to refuel; and it produce NO exhaust at all,
would NOT contribute to global warming. As precise as its capability
of producing an artificial magnetic field, as precise its motion could
be. (i.e. more precise than current vehicle). It would be lighter,
much much faster as the material made it could tolerate. And the
technology to build it is what we already have:
A. Detector of Magnetic Field (i.e. compass, maybe a little bit more
precise than magnet),
B. Creator of variable Magnetic field: electronic core with a simple
circuit attached on a rotatable base;
C. A calculator that specialize in doing vector addition and
subtraction, may even connected to a GPS device. The former may not
exist but it is quite easy to made with current technology, later is
what we already have.
The technical challenge we have here is how to reverse the usual
motion of magnetic alignment: Instead of the induced magnet align with
the existing magnetic Field line, we have
Possible disadvantage: Magnetic field pollution as too many magnetic
field is operating in the area, it may affect human being as well as
disrupting electronic transmission. However, it maybe overcome by
setting up a permit range of maneuver for these vehicles.

2. This is a follow up of an old idea:
A wave blocker that use the principle of polarization to determine
the percentage of a wave with a particular wavelength to pass through.
Could be use to block noise, microwave, heat, radiation and wind. This
should compose of three components:
A. Two wave dispenser which could dispense wave energy of a particular
wavelength each at a particular angle. We can adjust this angle to
control the amount of the wave energy pass through.
B. A mechanism to adjust the degree between two wave dispense at A.
C. A mechanism to control the wave length which it dispense in A.
The advantage of this device is that it can target specific
wavelength without affecting other. There are many many many
application of this device in airport, restaurant, company. Military
application is obvious.



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