Creatiivity on Mar 16, 2005

Wed, Mar 16, 2005 at 7:48 PM

1: Putting a infra-red beamer and detector in the traffic light. The
concept is for the traffic system to be self-adjust according to the
traffic situation. Using a simple mechanism it should be able to count
the amount of traffic in certain spot, informing a person or the
program of the efficiency of its decision.
2: Follow up on the desalination of water concept: Why magnet is
better than ionization? Magnet would create a E-M field which drive
the ion to the place we want them to be (near the exhaust), but E-M
field does NOT by itself ionize the water into Hydrogen Ion (which is
more ready to become Hydrogen than Calcium ion). The strength of the
Magnetic field maybe the key here. Assume each time the process remove
80% of slat and waste 20% of the water, we achieve a ratio of 4.
Repeat the process for three time there would be only a 100/64% of
salt left in the water.
3: Schizophrenia often has hallucination. At what level does these
distortion happen? Does they surround a constant theme or changing
theme? It is important through the analysis these mis-perception we
can know where in the cognitive process does this distortion happen.
We maybe even able to classify schizophrenia base on the nature of
distortion, and at what point does that process go wrong? For
instance, if it appear it appear randomly without select by the
properties of its object, and the process error early on the process
of perception. If the hallucination is surrounding a theme, then we
could speculate the process is likely to be related to the higher
processing center.
4: Alternative Ghost-detective story: Ghost haunt a place while
covering up any signs of supernatural, pretending it is a murder case.
However, after peering layer of inconsistencies, the detective found
the case s/he thought is solid actually rely on quicksand, now s/he is
going to destroy every arguments, evidences s/he had against, how to
trick a ghost?



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