State-Dependent Memory and Depth of Processing Hypothesis

Depth of Processing Hypothesis is a concept particularly strike me since I have witness its rising from the fringe to take the center stage in Memory research, which has itself demonstrate the very nature of Minority Influence. It is, however, the explanation given at the time seem superfluous. Is that the depth of processing is being mistaken since it is positively correlated to time spent on processing the information? It could be that as we think harder into an subject, the time spent on thinking about it would be longer, therefore provoke a stronger emotional reaction from the subject (which fit my memory as the side effect of emotion hypothesis). Or this is a mirror process to the well known memory enhancement effect by emotion?

If what I speculate is right here, then we maybe able to relate it to State-Dependent Memory effect (Recall is positively correlated to similarity between encoding environment and decoding environment.) Memory enhancement effect by emotional stimulus could exists as parallel to State-Dependent Memory Effect because they may share a similar neurological mechanism, as emotion are often reflected directly in body states. It could be that Memory enhancement effect by emotional stimulus is working its magic because it increase intensity of bodily reaction, thus giving more cue to produce the State-Dependent Memory Effect.

Likewise, Depth of Processing Effect could have its effect because the amount of bodily reactions encoded is positively correlated to the time spent on processing the information to be memorize. We would have to carefully design experiments that distinguish between the amount of Time spent, Depth of processing and Amount of Bodily reactions in the information encoding processing. Are they independent factors or are they closely related to each other?



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