Conceptual invention on Work

Fri, Apr 1, 2005 at 1:11 PM

Yet another odd idea.
From my observation, a fixed salary had the problem of driving employee lazy, as the income is guaranteed, there is no motivate to improve themselves; however, a quota based system would not provide the security that some employee wanted.
So I have two suggestions:
A. Range of Salary from minimum performance to maximum performance evaluate by the manager or co-rated by other workers. It refer to a grade-translation table which is known by every employee, for instance A is 60000-50000 and B is 50000-40000. Maybe along with some parameter according to yet another formula. This allow employee the flexible of job performance;

B. We could divide the treatment of employee into several aspect, in our case is Standard of Living, Research Support and Patenting Support. Each of them could be divided into 3 class of treatment. Each year/month employee get a number from 6-9, and s/he could distribute his/her number into these aspect of treatment, and receive it the next month/year according to his/her choice. This not just give the employee the flexibility of job performance, also the range of freedom and choice. So almost every employee could entitle any level of treatment as s/he wish. And it become very hard for employee to compare to each other on these treatment. It would allow maximum freedom and creativity from each employee. A more complex system would including different weight in different aspect.
B. The general concept of B is n aspect, each with 3 class. Each year/month the employee’s job performance is rated to a specific number, s/he had the freedom to distribute that number according to his/her need and wish. A more complex system would include loan and delay usage.
Notice that I don’t use salary but standard of living, since salary is a number which does NOT necessarily translate to real issue of living; an assurance of standard of living would be more comfortable to employee.
What would be your choice?



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