Osmosis, Entropy, Life, Energy and Information

I still remember vividly that a demonstration of the power of Biological entity: Through the use of selectively permeable member, organism could develop a differential gradient between the intracellular and extracellular in terms of various mineral. A famous demonstration which listed in all Biology book is that using selectively permeable member, it is able to build up a column of water in the midst of glucose solution. It is tempting to me for describing the microscopic process in detail just like ‘how salt dissolve in water’, but I save it for another article. What I interested here is the relationships between them.The first thought I am coming up with that demonstration is NOT the power of separation, but how Biological entity to create energy against gravity. i.e. Just by using a special chemical structure, Biological entity was able to supply the energy necessary for the water molecules to climb up against gravity. The initial impression of Biological entity able to create energy later give away to the idea that Biological entity was using the chemical potential energy inherent in the selectively permeable itself to  help the redistribution of thermal energy among water molecules. Thus it is able to accumulate water inside the selectively permeable member because the bio-chemical properties of the selective permeable member in its interaction with water molecules, was able to ‘encourage’ or simply allow the re-distribution of thermal energy. I was thinking at that time if somehow the selectivity of the member could be adjusted according to the situation, then Biological organism would have an endless supply of energy from the source of gravity. Thus it is buffing to me why doesn’t evolution take advantage of that so energy intake is no longer necessary for Biology entity? Another deeper thought is energy, as defined by ability to do work(change), is only possible because of Osmosis process. So, in this sense, Osmosis is indeed creating energy.
Separation and Differentiation of material is also the basis of entropy and time. Time defined in Physics as process of irreversible. Thus time is also possible due to the existence of Bio-Chemical structures that could differential. It appears to me not just Bio-Chemical structures that has the potentiality to differential between materials, some Physical structures also has similar capability. In fact, if we view Physics and Mathematics as the umbrella which all Physical science united, then the possibility of time/entropy/life is inherent embedded in the Mathematics of structure of atoms and the nature of force fields themselves. Life is possible because Universe predispose it to life, I am not going into the Anthropological Principle here.
Lastly, Separation and Differentiation not just made life and time possible, but also made information possible. Theory of Information demand the difference of difference make a difference. Without another difference as the basis, there is no sense in talking about difference of a difference. Unlike Life and Time, Information is built on an abstract layer of similar process and principles.
Since all of them require the process and mechanism of Separation and Differentiation, I then wonder if any inter-relationship between them. Osmosis made Entropy, Life, Energy and Information possible. Life again require energy to work against the natural tendency of increasing Entropy. Thus, in a sense Life is reversing Time. Since Time is defined by the increase of Entropy, therefore Life could determine the direction of flow of Time. Information require some sentential entity to make sense of the Outside world, and strike to keep the inside in the order beneficial to Life itself. That sentential object must at least posses the ability of building an abstract map of the outside world, which is the beginning of Psychology. The role of Energy in here seems to be a central component here, Entropy is about the possibility of usage of energy. Life is essentially a struggle of using constructive Energy against destructive Energy. Energy, is similar in vein with Information since both require a difference of difference to make a difference. Could we therefore see Energy in terms of Information? Thus we can draw up a roughly accurate sequence here: Life is prerequisite of Information, Energy and Osmosis is prerequisite of Life, Entropy is prerequisite of (usefulness of) Energy. They may look very different from each other, but in a sense they are tied together
closely and naturally. They maybe merely difference face of the same unifying principle.




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