Invention on demand: P2P hosting

Thu, May 31, 2007 at 11:02 PM

In light of recent trend of terrorize small webmaster via obscene and copyright accusation. I think it is necessary to build a technology that can withstand any governmental censorship. My idea is  P2P website hosting, i.e . the website only live in P2P network. The website is hosted in the shared folder of the hoster. It assign its own name, and can only viewed from other peers.

Another idea related to an advance version of this idea: Swap hosting. Break down a website into n components. More than n peers is needed to be resilient for all network conditions. In order to browser a website, a user need access to at least n peers with different components. This is my idea of Cooperating-website. And any update to the website would be immediately update throughout the network. Since the what each peer have is only an interchangable component of a website, therefore each peer doesn’t have any legal responsibility for hosting an ‘illegal’ website.



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