My observation on Double-Stage Oscillation Phenomena

Mon, Aug 27, 2007 at 4:58 PM

The double oscillation phenomena we discuss here refer to this website:
Through an invention someone is able to amplify ten times of the input, this thesis attempt to understand its underlying mechanism. This thesis at current stage is at best immature, please forgave me for that.
The name Double Stage Oscillation derived from the sense that there are 2 oscillations: 1 is the oscillation in the horizontal plane by the pendulum, 2 is the oscillation in the vertical direction by the counter weight in the output side. The general impression would the 1st oscillation has caused the 2nd oscillation, although actually it is an iteration of 1st and 2nd feedback into each other . So a better term should be a oscillation within a oscillation. It should be consider along with the question which I raised 2 years ago: ‘What if the strength of gravity varies in according to the phase of a pendulum?’, i.e. When it is falling from the top position, the strength of gravity is on the increase until the pendulum reach the lowest point; and when it rise again, we decrease the strength of gravity field in according to the position of the pendulum. The result of DO experiment seems to confirm my initial guess: There would be an increase of kinetic energy in the pendulum. If there is no energy cost to vary the gravity field in according to the motion of pendulum, we could be amazed at the excessive kinetic energy coming from nowhere.
While I was pondering about this phenomena, I remember that 2 years ago an inventor has proposed that gravity energy could be extracted through oscillation. And different oscillations would have different efficiency in extracting the gravity energy. It thus appears to me that DO inventor has found an efficient way to oscillate energy out of gravity field. And contrary to established Physics, the route which the an object took in gravity field is related to the total amount of energy exchange. Gravity could behave as an non-conservative field, or gravity itself is not a conservative field to begin with. It is only because the limitation of our experiments apparatus and the location of our experiment(always close to Earth) that gravity appear to be conservative.
We could say gravity is in heart an oscillation of force field, and if we closely match the ‘natural’ oscillation from gravity, and the oscillation we induced then we achieve a resonance. At resonance, the excessive energy is coming from the gravity itself. What remain as a question is: Could we use that to reveal the frequency of gravity oscillation?
I previously had suspect that it is the constant ‘conflict’ of force between gravity and electromagnetism in the microscopic cause the undetectable oscillation. I need to reconsider that observation along with this new line of thinking.
Another hypothesis, it is actually a crude guess. 1st Oscillation: g*sin angle, 2nd oscillation g*(sin angle)^2. Since it is known that the strength of gravity and electromagnetic field is inversely proportional to the distance squared from Center of Gravity. Therefore if the variation of oscillation in the direction parallel to field line took the form of X^2(the meaning of X within X), it is thus a closer match to the natural variation of gravity. It follow from this hypothesis that Triple/Quadruple Oscillation wouldn’t obtain a better I/O ration than 10.(It is also interesting that is a 10, which is close to theoretical value of g.) My alternative hypothesis is that we could obtain a better output ratio: Double=10, Triple=100, Quadruple=1000… etc.
(And I does has a method to test this hypothesis by building n-th Stage Oscillator)
Something continue to haunt me: Why gravity from 3-D objects has the dimensionality of only 2? Gravity only exist in 2-D? or Gravity is a wave that only propagate in 2 dimension? All known force field operate at 2-D, why do we live in a 3-D world?

08/05/10 update: The official explanation: nebojsa_simin_paper_free_energy_of_the_oscillating_pendulum-lever_system



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