Cosplay, ‘Dark City’ and Behaviorism

The movie ‘Dark City‘ happen to come across my mind because the rise of Cosplay in Southeast Asia. The movie is about alien use human as an exercise in role-playing to learn about human Psychology. In the midst of induced trance in midnight of everyday, alien would switch everyone’s role to what they have planned in the day.
In order to conducting psychological experiment, the city’s routes are designed in such a way nobody can leave town while giving the illusion that outside world does exist somehow. Similar to Matrix, ‘The one’ has awaken because of the uneasy feeling of living in an half-awake stated (compare to the state of half dreaming in ‘The Matrix’), he then use his endowed psychic power to defeat the alien by creating oceans and turn the planet toward the Sun. Alien are afraid of the Sun Light(symbolize consciousness?) and water(symbolize flexibility as in life?Psyche?)
When I was watching this movie, I got a feeling that the movie intended to broadcast his philosophy that Human Psychology is more than the sum of individual behavioral pattern: It is the Actor matter more than the Act itself. Behaviorism school of thought of psychology held the exactly opposite view, thus in the opinion of the director that it is missing the most critical part of human Psychology: The soul or the mind. Theoretical, the understanding and thereby the prediction of Behaviorism would NEVER be complete, and can NEVER offer the same level of richness and complexity of human psychological processes afforded by Freudian Psychology. That is essentially reiterate the criticism ‘Psychology is losing its heart’ during the height of Behaviorism in USA.
The rise of Cosplay in S.E. Asia, is to me, symbolically revive the dead from its grave because someone claim to learn about human Psychology mostly through acting as the imaginary character in a comic. Does that mean human Psychological process is really the sum total of behavior itself? This purist reductionist position taken by B.F. Skinner in school of Behaviorism has already given away to Cognitive Behaviorism for a long time, which stress that mental representation known as the mind must exist to provide a valid and complete picture behind human behavior. Forgive my ignorance, is that the humanity is so deprived in the post-modern world so we had to learn humanity from comic story? Or is that Cosplayer implicitly evaluate themselves to be just a mere total of their behavior?

Cosplay is Japanese cultural item similar to Lolita, female is imitating dolls in their dressing and made-up. Necrophilia is the psychopathetic tendency of tender feeling of the dead instead of the alive, Cosplay looks like a manifestation of Necrophilia to me.



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