How to protect your password against keylogger program?

From time to time, we often have to give up the safety of our personal computer and use computers in public places like Net Cafe, Library and University. The last is notorious for its lack of computer security. I think we could safely assume nine out of ten computers there are infected with some kinds of virus, Trojans. One of those strike fear into user’s heart is keylogging program: Because browser may often your encryption, but you simply can’t avoid typing the password into the computer.

Of course, my advise would always be staying away from these infected computers when doing anything personal. But in the case we must do so, I can offer you this piece of advise when typing password in a public computer. The hints: Make good use of the mouse movement which no keylogger program dare to record it, and you don’t have to type the password in the usual order, make good use of the function Backward and Delete.

Get the idea? Because whatever recorded by keylogging program must be readable by a human being, and the program is always assuming that the entrance of anything is in its usual order: From left to right, From top to bottom. Therefore any human reader would discern the data from that program with that assumption in mind (Because it is also the carryover from the age of type writer: From left to right, From top to bottom, and never go back.) Now if someone has purposefully violate this assumption, the human reader would have mistaken the sequence of the enterance of password because there is no way that this program could discern the actual order of character as appears in the screen, all it concerns is the input of the keyboard.
What sort of philosophical lesson did we learn here? Taoist’s ‘See but not seeing, hear but not hearing.’ We usually assume from experience what we see must be making sense visually, and what we hear must be making auditory sense; but must it be the case? To protect your information, use their inherent assumption against themselves, make sure that the viewer and hearer fool themselves!



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