The Placebo effect and the question of mind and matter

The phenomena of Placebo effect has always fantasized me. It strike me as something odd and curious about the entity known as human being. Or if it is possible to extend this phenomena to all biological entity, then we have a case of mind-over-matter in across all life forms.
Placebo effect is when experimental subject are told they are taking a drug with an F effect while the drug is chemically neutral to the effect, their bodies would produce an F effect as if they are taking a chemical which intended for F effect on human bodies. The question harboring in my mind for a long time is how is that possible?

Because in order for the mind to do that, it first has to neutralize the effect of the placebo as a chemical, then adjusting the neurotransmitter in the brain to produce an effect that the mind believe that the placebo would have on the body(the label). Since the mind can’t really create something out of nothing, it follow that the existing level of neurotransmitter must be readjusted to produce the effect. We could conceive that the brain at least has an intimate understanding of the neurological pathway for the chemical affect in the brain, then applied that understanding to produce the effect regardless of the biological and neurological status of the body.
Moreover, to deceive the body fully that it is really that chemical taking an effect, the brain would have to work hard to eliminate any trace of evidence that ‘placebo effect’ have taken place; presumably by readjusting the neurotransmitter in such a way everything appear ordinary to that person. Then again it has to cover its trace of this re-adjustment. The process took place indefinitely and recursively during the time which placebo effect took place.

My question is then, how does the mind capable of producing an effect without cause while remain chemically balanced? Is that a proof that all the cause is internal at its heart?Is that a proof that all cause and effect as we seen is illusionary? Is that a proof that mind is capable of creating something out of nothing?

(You can compare this process to Freud’s recursive repression in Existentialist text.)



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