The totality of chess I invented

Tue, Mar 22, 2005 at 6:37 PM

Today I complete the process of registering the copyright of Euler’s
Dice, Euler’s Family of Dice, Euler’s Relationship Chess, Euler’s
Logical Chess(Binary & Decimal), Wall Street Chess, Euler’s Courtship
Chess. Now they are copyrighted with the no. 2280 under FHKI.
This is my brief description of what they are:
Euler’s Dice is a chess game play with special-made dice, player
rolled to their destination with a game broad made embeddable card
with corresponding feature. In other to move, there are certain rules
to respect(<10). There optional card like Rolling Restricter, Simple
Movement Restricter, and Complex Movement Restricter which add to the
complexity of this game. More than 40 million way to play. It involves
at least 24 conceptual innovations.
Euler’s Family of Dice is a game played by at least three out of
seven component, and max. 26 rules. Likewise, there are direction
restricters, and an additional distance restricter, two choice
determiner, two different dice. There are altogether three hundred
thousand ways to play. It involve at least 24 conceptual innovations.
Wall Street Chess is the only one invention that I only had a
framework without substance as they require hard data from the stock
market from many many place, which make it a long term research
project. However, the Rules are set. Player could move in any
direction as they like, buy and sell stock as they see fit. The stocks
are varying along with each other, so one player’s action change the
whole market. Plus there are chance event that could change the
relationship between stocks. Player could also use card to change the
market. This maybe the most complex chess game I ever envision. It
also include the aforementioned restricters, and player could also
change the flow of the game. This involve more than 24 conceptual
Euler’s Logical Chess is the world’s first chess game playing with
logical operation(on decimal or binary) and numerical relationship. It
has only 960 ways of play, share similar rules with Euler’s Dice as
they both play by Dice. And the use of restricters are similar. The
objectives of this chess game are identical with Euler’s Dice. This
involve ten conceptual innovations.
Euler’s Relationship chess is the world’s first chess game playing
with in/equalities. Again, like Euler’s Dice, roll your dice to play;
with restricters also. It has less than 30 ways of playing. It maybe
one of the few simple game made by me.
Euler’s courtship chess is intended more toward a stimulation than
an actual chess game. It has to be play by pairs or couple. The goal
is to reach the fourth then get married before other did. Different
stages has different gaming parameters set by a lovestyle card. In a
nutshell, they can upgrade their relationship by increase their common
attribute, doing so require some sort of psychical communication and
coordination(The attribute change as the consequence the action of
both player). This chess game has unlimited ways to play as extension
using lovestyle card is virtually unlimited. This involve at least 30
conceptual innovations.



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