Gravity powered climate?

In my previous article, I talked about climate is powered partially by difference of local gravity(because the mass distribution of Earth is uneven.)

Climate is essentially the flow of air molecules just like water. The movement of it is determined by the parameters of temperature(thermal energy), gravity and density of air.

Previously, all Physics textbook ignore the factor of the difference of gravity across the globe. My hypothesis here is that the difference of gravity contribute a part in the formation of local climate, while the biggest source of variation come from the difference of temperature. And if we can isolate these factors using ANOVA, then we can see how difference of local gravity contribute to the local weather. My uneducated picture of the mechanism here is that when air is flowing from a place of higher local gravity to a place of lower local gravity, it would appeared that a virtual uplifting force have applied on the air current. Similarly, when air is flowing from a place of lower local gravity to a place of higher local gravity, then it would also experience a downward force.

Author’s Note(3-30-08):
I remember that in the Advance Physics textbook I read at F.1, it called the force acting on the air molecule is negligible. I strongly disagree with that contention. That is one of my historical achievement of intellect. Another related to the formation of thunder.



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