Peace and War across the Taiwan Strait–8

In my last article, one of the conclusion is that President Chan’s stupidity in asserting ‘Victory outside Taiwan Island’, while Taiwanese army doesn’t have the capability to invade and occupy the vast amount of land in China. However, it appears that the TV program is analyzing the situation in terms of traditional military warfare. What if President Chan’s idea of ‘Victory outside Taiwan Island’ is not about traditional goals like occupation? What if that refer to a tactic that is focus on the psychological effect? What if that is referring to a tactic that utilize Taiwanese army only as an aide to the goal of destabilize China economically and politically? What if that is referring to a tactic which its secondary effect aimed of causing interruption in the progress of military action of China? Is that a goal too difficult to achieve given the military might of Taiwan?
Another point to dispute is the implication that democratic political system is inferior to dictatorship in military conflict. This is clearly an evidence to demonstrate this program is made from the perspective of China. So it is not deception in the sense that it believe its own lies.
In a democratic political system, the army is nationalized, therefore its loyalty is to the country/nation as a whole. The president is only necessary to made the final decision, national politics are essentially insulated from the military operation. Thus President Bush himself doesn’t direct how the army fought in the Iraqi war, he only made the decision to invade Iraqi as a political leader. Whether the general win the battle or not depending only on the skills and lucks of the general. Conversely, People’s Liberation Army is not as insulated from national politics as Taiwanese army. Many of PLA general are themselves part of National People’s Congress, thus their consideration of military strategy would also involve the power struggle happen everyday in any dictatorial political structure. Any decision they made would regard both the future of their career as an army personnel, as well as their political future, and probably indirectly related to their financial prospective. Therefore, the consideration would be more complex than the Taiwanese counterpart. That could an advantage for Taiwanese if they know how to play the cards.



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