Peace and War across the Taiwan Strait–6

Now it is again the time for me to supplement the ‘missing link’ in the TV program of ‘Peace and War across the Taiwan Strait’ offered by ATV in Hong Kong. I just realized there is an excellent reason why in the Chinese title of this program, War is in front of Peace.
In this TV program it has repeatedly making the mistake of referring to the comparison between China and Taiwan in total number of army personnel, army expenditure and GDP; which I have stated in the very first of this series of article that is intentionally misleading the audience. Now, this TV program again made the ‘mistake’ of comparing the gross military expenditure of China and Taiwan. Anyone with the common sense will know that is not a meaningful or relevant comparison in the sense of possible military conflict. Because the total number of service personnel in the army of China is considerably larger than Taiwan, and not some part of the military expenditure like pension has little bearing to the discussion here, and lastly, China could NEVER afford to engage with Taiwan with more than 10% of its army. A more meaning comparison would be comparing the army expenditure (adjusted according to inflation) of the percentage that spent on the portion that is planned/expected for invasion of Taiwan. Moreover, to have a better understanding of the picture, we also need to know the compare the efficiency of the military expenditure: How much of these expenditure really reach individual army personnel in the existing level of corruption in China? How much improvement does these military expenditure truly did to the morale and fighting capability of individual soldiers? How would these parameters projected into the battle of the particular political/economical context at time of invasion of Taiwan?
Therefore, what this TV program implied is an altitude of total war toward Taiwan, since it assume the totality of China’s army would be engaged with Taiwan. It is contary to the motto of ‘Peaceful and Harmony’ of current head of state in China, nor it is in line of the official policy that ‘Chinese army will never engaged with Chinese’. So does ATV think Chinese communist is so cruel and inhumane as to wage an all-out extermination battle using the totality of its army against an rebelled island *misguided and misleaded by a minority-of-monitory groups with malicious and unspeakable intention? How is that logic compared to those who are ‘honoured’ with a medal during the June 4 massacre in China’s army? Does China ever mention their name again? Is that in ATV’s mind, China’s army is proud of killing its own citizen?

* is a parody to the China’s official statement of June 4 massacre.



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