Window slit and air current

Tue, Oct 23, 2007 at 11:12 AM

In all air current, hot air rise up and cool air go down. Suppose we have something to obstruct the motion of one but not the other, then we have an effective mechanism to control the formation of wind.
It may appear such an invention doesn’t exist yet. No, there is such a thing and already used widely in many public estate. It is the window slits which the user could change its angle of inclination. Now the air of same temperature flow parallel in the same gravitational potentiality. If there is hotter air from outside want to go inside, then the air must flow through the windows. Similarly, if there is cold air from inside want to exit the apartment, it need to went through the same channel. However, if we adjust the window slits so that this circulation is impossible, then heat exchange of this one is thus halted(actually more than one). Now suppose we have a set of windows slit parallel to each other that we can all program its angle of inclination, then theoretically we can control the heat flow via convection(conduction can be ignore if the glass is made up of poor conducting material.)
i.e. In the winter we can leave the window open without frozen to dead.(The implication on nano-material is obvious )



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