More thoughts on ‘Face Determinism’

After I had re-read my own article, I could connect that with latest neurological finding of ‘Equation of beautiful’,i.e. the are inborn trends for us to evaluate certain feature of a face in certain way to define what is beautiful for all of us. So, similarly, it is possible that we tend to interpret other’s facial expression in a pre-defined way common to all human being. So the thesis I propose in that article could be rephrase as ‘Anyone’s Face are not born emotionally neutral to all other human being, there are certain feature in the face would (by itself or in combination of other features) likely enhance the tendency of its facial expression to be interpreted in a pre-determined way, regardless of the real emotion behind that person behind that face.’ i.e. We have certain face that can easily to be interpret by other as angry, regardless of that person angry or not. In other words, the inborn feature of that face would tend to bias the interpretation of it toward the side of angry.

So there are some luck one who happen to have a face that bias them to be interpret as happy, easy-going, forgiving, trustworthy, friendly person; so they are more likely to be welcomed by majority of people in a society. Therefore their face confer an advantage over those faces doesn’t bias their owner’s facial expression to be interpret in any direction at all. At worst, there are other who are unfortunate enough to have a face that disfavor them by bias their facial expression to be interpret in the negative direction. Notice that, what is consider as positive facial expression and what is consider as negative depending on social psychology and their cultural heritage. Here my level of generality is at its highest.

Moreover, it is natural to see that those endow with positive-bias facial features tend to have a happier and easier life in the case of normal socio-political situation (peace, prosperity, stability), thus more likely to build a positive outlook in life, and an optimistic personality. And those who has a negative-bias facial features tend to have an uneasy life and encounter more resistance in fulfilling their goals of life, therefore in normal socio-political situation, they are more likely to build a negative outlook in life, and an pessimistic personality.

Thus, there are some scientific basis in the idea of Face-Palmistry in Chinese culture. The only problem with that art of fortunate-telling via the Face is it tend to mix personality traits, future happenings and luck; which all belong to realms of Psychology,Para-Psychology and Statistic together. There is no strict classification and category which separate them, nor a self-coherent theories in explaining each of them, and how do they interact with each other. Thus it become very difficult for any scientific-minded Chinese to calculate the validity of this to make an rational decision, because the ‘knowledge’ is not systematic nor organized.



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