Behaviorism as a Neurological finding?

Last time I proposed that we can conceive the finding of B.F. Skinner in Behaviorism school of thought in Psychology as the properties of unconscious in Psychoanalysis. My focus in that article is to consider the implication of former to later, however, we could also consider the implication of later to former. i.e. How would the Psychoanalytic finding of behavioral pattern in unconscious affect the conditioning process of Behaviorism? I remember that some cognitive behaviorist has proposed a concept of ‘inherent preparedness’, which vaguely corresponding to the drive concept in former.
After a serious rethinking of the finding on the both sides,especially the concept of higher conditioning/Thought conditioning, then I am afraid that shaken my confidence of this hypothesis. Higher order means we can condition a person via the basis of existing conditioning, it appears to me that Psychoanalytic thought would not permit such an advance unconscious mind structure. Moreover, a direct contradiction to the basic premise of my thesis because Thought conditioning, as verified by Cognitive-Behaviorist, should be impossible since rational thinking/decision making should belong to conscious.
So this is the directional issue I encounter in my attempt to integrate Behaviorism and Freudian Psychology. Since consider Behaviorism’s finding as a subset of total psyche functioning under the framework of Freudian Psychology would contradict the existing research by Cognitive-Behaviorist; then a better way maybe by seeing Behaviorism’s finding as consequence of neurology. So Freudian Psychology and Behaviorism are not just discussing different part of psyche, but they are discussing different aspect of human psyche. The former is focusing on the abstract/conceptual level; the later is focusing on foundational level.



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