The Argument From Prophecy

I have seen many argument for the existence of Christian God, how it is necessary for all sort of philosophical and physical order of the existing world. I then just wonder how futile is our physical and mental existence since all are relying on the mercy of a Deity!
One of the interesting argument is the Argument From Prophecy, namely that Christian Bible give out so many accurate foreknowledge on the future happening in the physical world, so how is it possible without a SuperNatural deity behind every word of it?
My first impression is: How does the ability of foresight, which is actually a common practice in Taoism and Buddhism, demonstrate the other attributes of Christian God? i.e. How does omniscience related to two other attributes like omnipotent, benevolent? How could we, logically, start on omniscience of Christian God to arrive on the attribute of omnipotent, benevolent?
Moreover, omniscience implies accurate Prophecy; but accuracy of Prophecy doesn’t necessarily implies omniscience. Maybe a 100% accurate rate would boost the confidence in that attribute, but there is no way to prove that attribute from accuracy of Prophecy in itself. There are also many religions keen on the practice of meditation to obtain foreknowledge like Tibet Buddhism, this argument would implies that Buddhist is also a Deity with all these Christian God attributes.
My last contention with this argument coming from the study of personality by Carl Jung. In one of his characterization of personality, he use the word intuitive (versus sensing). Therefore it is an accepted part of psychology that someone may occasionally ‘sense things before their happening’. There are thousands of well documented cases on this psi capability. If the argument from Prophecy is accurate, then how to explain that many intuitive people are themselves irreligious? It is not just they don’t believe in Christian God, but they don’t believe in any God from any religion at all! Since argument from Prophecy demand that to be an necessary attribute of Christian God, doesn’t it mean that we have thousands of god walking around the globe!?



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