Questions of today: 9.18.05

Sun, Sep 18, 2005 at 1:30 PM

Just a few thing I thought of:
1. We all know the like charge repel and unlike charge attract, then why would two wires carry electrical current flowing toward the same direction attracting each other? Theoretically, both wire carry charge of the same kind, thus they should repel each other liken when they are static. So what is overcoming this static force? Is that force being transform into an attraction force or another force is taking effect here? Why electrostatic and electrodynamic appear to follow different rules?
2. Atomic spin is the cause/effect of gravitational force.
3. Follow the idea of equivalence of force field, why must ONLY gravitational force twist the space-time but not Magnetism and Electrical force? If the reason an object fall toward the mass is because of the distortion of space-time, then we could also said an electron/Proton is moving in a certain trajectory because the space-time it experience is also distorted. If we have gravitational wave because of mass moving in an orbit, why wouldn’t a positive charge circling a negative charge emit a similar wave affecting other charges in the universe? Why wouldn’t the attraction or repulsion of two Magnetic poles affecting other Magnetic object in the universe?
4. Comparison between conductor and non-conductor moving across a finite Magnetic field. When conductor passing through such an area, it would generate a force internally to operate against its own motion; when a non-conductor passing through such an area, no force is formed thus it has no effect on the object. In the former case, we say moving an conductor in a Magnetic field produce electrical energy; but wouldn’t we also producing electricity when in the later a non-conductor is moving across a Magnetic field? The energy picture in the former is the famous kinetic energy turn into electrical energy, but what about later? Electricity is produced as a result WITHOUT any loss of kinetic energy from the motion of object, so does it establish that kinetic energy transforming into electrical energy is an inaccurate description of the process?
5. Playing with Magnets we discover that without an internal bonding force between molecule, it is impossible to apply a force to an object. So every force we applied on an object MUST through the internal force of an object. Nothing could be changed into something outside its potentiality.



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