Psychology: Face Determinism?

Mon, Feb 5, 2007 at 3:29 PM

This is merely one of my observation and thought:
We all born with a face that has many facial feature. Even when we are not feeling anything particular, by a standard template someone may interpret we as feeling happy/sad/angry… etc. And the person who make this interpretation thereby infer our motive, behavior or even character and personality. Thus our facial feature does influence our understand us emotionally. There are people who born with a facial feature that is easily interpret to be angry(despite that s/he is not angry at all), so other would see that person as an always-angry people. These mis-interpretation build up a large part of our public image in unconscious mind. And those mis-interpretation would feedback to the person who carry that face.
My conclusion is our facial feature does recursively affect how our personality develop. A person whose facial feature appears to be angry could easily develop into an always-angry(radical) person.

Just my thoughts.


One Response to Psychology: Face Determinism?

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