Thoughts on voodoo, Buddhism and biology

Tue, Apr 11, 2006 at 5:41 PM

Just a connection between Buddhist’s thought and Chinese voodoo(蠱), which is the predominant in Thailand.(And what SE Asia is infamous for.) In the portray of countless Asia scary movies, part of the body of the victim of this curse would become infested with an target organism. The victim is usually suffer a horrible death if the curse is not removed or canceled.
How does this work? According to the routine, the wizard would first would need to contact the victim in some form, then the wizard could control the process remotely. In my opinion, it is perhaps the oldest form of biological warfare through remote control. The wizard first have to impart an object into the victim first, which is no differ from implanting a chip into a person’s body. This step is essential as the process can’t achieve any effect without this. Physical contact is perhaps the easiest to be understood in light of this remote-control theory. Other could be understood in terms symbolic interactionism: Control another object through another object via the virtue of their similarity. Needless to say, this could be understood in light of quantum mechanic’s ‘Part-Whole relationship’. The change of spinning parameters of one photon would instantaneously change the parameters of another regardless of their distance.
Once the implant is there in the victim. The the wizard could control the speed and progress of the growth of that ‘seed’ in the victim through ritual. Part of the power of the ritual comes from symbolism interactionism(depend on the will of the wizard), another part of the power comes from a more familiar pathway: The communication between biological entities. It is known that bacteria communicate with each other through inserting a hair into another bacteria. Thus the ‘knowledge’ one bacteria have of the surrounding could pass to bacteria half Earth away. As long as there is a route connecting these two points on Earth, there is always a path for the command of the wizard to travel from the source to the target. The time for the signal to arrive depend on how connected is the target place and source. Therefore, it follow that as increase accessibility of almost every place on Earth, this curse could also travel faster.(Since there are probably biological entity much smaller than a virus, then it follows that we have no method to completely block the message pathway.)
How does the command recognize its intended target? 1. Each bios have a different DNA signature, so do the victims; 2. The implant or seed MUST originally incubated together with the substance for sending remote command, therefore they recognize each other. 3. The victim also must responds psychologically to the curse. i.e. The victim must have the concept of what a curse is. And the level of respond depends on how much the victim understand and accepted into his/her worldwide. Thus it follows that the wizard themselves would be the easiest target for this kind of curse.
How does related to Buddhism? In Vedic literature, it talked about how the small affect the big as much as the big affect the huge. In other words, those who are on the lower level influent the higher level in the same way as the higher level influent the highest level. The relationship between the lower and the high is assume to be recursive in its nature. Thus the relationship of a cell to an organism is probably identical to the relationship between an individual and his/her community. It is rational to consider the world could be infinitely divided rather than the world has a lower limit.
Putting this framework into realm of biological interaction. A virus infect a bacteria the same way a bacteria infect a bigger organism. We could theoretically use a virus to recursively affect the bigger organism. Pushing this backward, we could use something like a pon to influence a virus, or using something even smaller than a pon to control a pon, thereby control a bigger organism recursively. Pushing this forward, then the wizard maybe able to influence a community by infecting a member. The smallest known biological entity is virus, but we don’t know how small an object could recursively influence the bacteria which again recursively influence an animal. Thus it follows that the wizard could use the ultra small particles or entities to control the implant. This is perhaps one of the dangerous application of vast amount of knowledge indebted to Buddhism.



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