The logicality of conquering the world

Martin Luther King has a dream, it is yet to be fulfilled. With a dream you can’t guarantee the fulfillment of it. Without a dream, what can you fulfill? I am sure new energy project still sound crazy to many. That is why they are not the one who invent it. If new energy project sound crazy to you, then other things other inventor created must be extremely crazy. We live in a finite world indeed.
(I don’t why you can yourself a self-less business person. How can you do business without yourself?)
1. Would the oil and fossil fuel be used up?
2. Will there be sufficient alternative when 1 become yes?
3. Will the academic ever research the idea from free energy community?
4. What happen when the answer of 2 and 3 is no?
The luck and fortunate this New energy Project project hang on the answer of 2. Currently, my bet is all the political leader on Earth don’t have a determination to face the reality of 2. For those who have the courage, they don’t have sufficient resource to do anything useful. I also bet that 3 is no, we want them to be as stubborn as possible.
As a Big Writer(tm) , I wish my article is more understandable. Otherwise I would get an Ng. Nobel Prize for the most encrypted article of Physics instead. We should nominate Lawrence for Ng. Nobel Prize for Peace. Or we can place him in the list of 911 scammer.



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