Points on Donald Tseung

Thu, Jun 29, 2006 at 9:34 PM

1. How is the policy on ‘Minority and Disadvantage’ differ from TCW?
Funding continue to be cut. Voluntary org are encouraged to ‘survive
on their own’. How the value of ‘Harmony and Kindness’ reflected in
this policy?

2. The policy of Aged citizen is a crap. There is absolutely no
regulation of the nursing home. There is little concern of aged
citizen’s welfare in DT’s policy as in TCW’s policy. Look at the
treatment of them in there, and you can tell if HK deserve the title
of world class city.

3. ‘The Link’ : Privatization of government function continues . After
selling those public property to public, HKSARG care nothing after
the effect on the livelihood of the renter. The only consideration of
privatization is to make more profit. HKSARG is continue to run HK as
a company, to maximize profit without regard of people’s livelihood.

4. The issue of Separation between Medical and Medicine remain unresolved.

5. What does HKSARG do to aid the cultural development in HK? After WK
incident, HKSARG essentially continue the same policy as TCW. They
must make money to survive!

6. Intellectual Property: HK has a even stricter rule than WIPO
regulation! Licenses like GPL, Creative Common is NEVER acknowledge
by IPD. It clearly demonstrate it is leaning toward the interest of
Big Music and Big Entertainment. It is so eager to sue BT user before
the law is passing by Legco.(Many think it is trying to retro fit the
existing copyright law which is written before existence of Internet.)
Rule of law or Rule by law? Does it care about the issue of Fair Use?
HK is a few place on Earth that does NOT mention this issue. IN
textbook, the price is increasing every year, does he care?

7. WTO Demonstration: Does new CEO ever care about the poor people
suffer from the agreement? And the negative impact on lower class?
Does new CEO ever concern about the world record of wage HK$8 an hour?
Or it symbolize HKSARG side on the rich and powerful?

8. The policy of exterminating Chicken doesn’t make any sense in terms
of evolution for the goal to combat Avian Flu. Citizen could be
without knowledge on that, how about CEO? Does it symbolize that
HKSARG now accept the CCP philosophy of Struggle and departing from
traditional Chinese heritage of harmony?

9. In the Taxation, notice that Profit Tax and Asset Tax is frozen
since 97, while gradually every public service begin to try to charge
user. Is that a policy to bias toward the rich? The Disneyland ex
amplify the idea of cooperate welfare?

10. Soliciting in the street is an crime. Soliciting in the
shopping mall (like credit card) is never restricted, isn’t it a favor
to the large cooperation over independent business?

11. Overvaluing the land is the cornerstone of HK economy policy, that
will never change across the CEO. The solution of reduced
competitiveness due to the high rent and land price: Reduce the wage
of workers!

HK become better? It is the sign that the frog is almost well done by
warming the water.




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