Netwon’s three law as a consequence of Conservation of momentum?

Wed, Apr 26, 2006 at 12:34 AM

This is a logical extension of my thought on 4/6/05 on ‘everything is in rotation’ hypothesis. My conclusion is that Newton’s three law of motion is a direct consequence of law of conservation of momentum. As an object is push forward, what actually happen is we initialize the rotational motion of many atoms inside an object. Given those unit of the object has a tendency to remain in the same state of motion, thus outwardly it manifest as a tendency for the object remain in the straight line with the same linear speed.
We could similarly deduce the second law of Newton by addition of angular momentum. The third law: The law of conservation of angular momentum, since the system begin with zero movement then it follow that the moving object must have a clockwise angular momentum while the agent which move it must have an anti-clockwise angular momentum.
It is imperative that we derive an experiment to test this hypothesis.


One Response to Netwon’s three law as a consequence of Conservation of momentum?

  1. […] three laws & conservation of momentum(II) In my previous article, I suggested that Newton’s three laws could be explained by Law of Conservation of momentum. It is easy to argue since the Cosmo is constitute by atoms and its component which spin all the […]


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