Ether and spinning of Earth

Thu, Mar 30, 2006 at 11:33 PM

This is yet another thought on Physics by your inventive friend once again.
Today’s idea is on the relationship between the spinning speed of an object and the velocity it proceed on its trajectory. For instance, the Earth is rotating around Sun while it is spinning. If we imagine Earth as a ball trapped in a gravity well, we will see it both spinning and rotating along its circular trajectory. The speed of the spinning of the ball is definitely related to the rotational speed due to friction in daily life.
Similarly, if we imagine ether is the ground/wall of which the circular motion take place, anything spinning in the ether would necessarily experience the reaction force or the friction of ether, thus propelling it forward. A definite relationship between the speed of spinning and speed of rotation must exist if ether is exist. Conversely, any object that would like to do circular motion around would cause by ether to spin. Ether is what supply the kinetic energy for spinning. Thus, the co-existent of spinning and rotational movement could be taken as an evidence that ether does exist.



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