A thought concerning the process of heat transfer

Wed, Apr 19, 2006 at 9:48 AM
Since we know the essential of heat/thermal energy is the transferring of vibrational kinetic energy, and we also know that each object has its characteristic vibration amplitude, frequency and other parameter. It is also known that it is most energy efficient when providing kinetic energy at the resonance frequency of that object. Thus my conclusion is each object has its own optimal way of being heat up. i.e. For some object at a particular temperature, an adding up of small amount of thermal energy is better than a large amount of thermal energy. A ‘slow’ heating of an object may increase its internal energy faster than ‘fast’ heating of this object. The detail of the process of heating is relevant to the resultant state of an object. It is NOT irrelevant as current thermal dynamic theories assume.


One Response to A thought concerning the process of heat transfer

  1. […] when I am writing this article I have confused the concept of frequency and wavelength. My assumption in that article is an object […]



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