About the hijacking of imagination of terrorist by terrorist

This morning I just received the news that a few separatist in Xinjiang province planning to repeat the ‘911-heroism’ in Beijing. It appears to me that since 911, the level of creativity of terrorist has reached a new low. Now almost all terrorist in the world is trying to imitate the classical act of terrorist act of Osama Bin Laden, but they have disregard the psychohistorical context which the plan of 911 is carried out. It has chill USA to its bone because nobody has ever expected such a thing to be happened. The the financial and political disruption on New York State just demonstrate how painstakingly precise and accurate is Osama Bin Laden‘s planning of 911. Have this terrorist organization achieve the same level of understanding of their enemy as Osama Bin Laden did?

No, I don’t think so, Osama Bin Laden has been very careful in choosing his target for attack. This plan work for him because New York States could be disrupted by such an event. USA is a democratic and free country, has free media. Now even if they did succeed in bringing down a few tall building in Beijing. Do they sincerely believe that China’s government would not cover-up this event during the critical period of Olypmic to save its face? Do they sincerely think a few building could severely disrupt the financial/political operation of China? Do they think they could injury Chinese Communist’s iron heart against separatist movement? Or do they think they could simply overthrow Chinese government by destroy a few building? I don’t think so. (If I were them, I would more likely to focus on governmental building)
Since Osama Bin Laden, it has become much easier for the security forces in the world to focus (mostly) their energy on ONE model implementation of terrorism: Use airplane to blow up tall building. Therefore, in a curious sense, Osama Bin Laden is aiding the world to reduce the impact of terrorism by hijacking the imagination of would-be terrorist. Thus it is logical to conclude that, from the perspective of some terrorist, Osama Bin Laden himself is the biggest threat to the development of global terrorism. Now, shall some terrorist wage war on terrorist for self-preservation?




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