The true nature of Magnetic Attraction

Sun, Feb 26, 2006 at 11:30 PM

We can model the attraction and repulsion of two charged particle through a ether model which positive charge create a disturbance in local ether by dragging them with it, while negative charge is the one which absorb the dragging. In a sense, the positive charge is the creator a spiral while the negative charge is the consequence of a spiral.
Consider two positive charges moving in the same direction in parallel. The first created a wave with its head on the charge, the ether surrounding it lagging behind it. Similar thing happen to another charge moving in parallel. Now as we know from fluid dynamic that two waves moving in the same direction would cause a depression of pressure between them by empty space between them. Thus the emptiness of ether in the middle has cause the carrier which carrying the charge to approach each other.
When two positive charges are moving in the opposite direction. We can imagine two waves spread in opposite direction. And from the fluid dynamic that two opposite waves would cause an increase of pressure in the ether between them, thus an antagonistic force is generated to push these sources of wave apart.
Does this analogue fell apart when explaining the attraction between positive and negative charge? We shall investigate this question in next issue.



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