Question of Today:07.23.05

Sat, Jul 23, 2005 at 6:20 PM

A few odd questions:
1. In accordance to my weightless traveling electron theory, photon itself shouldn’t posses any weight. If we are starting from photon, and consider electron is also an electromagnetic wave, it shouldn’t posses mass neither. Extending this idea would led to a result in direction contradiction of reality as it is, namely nothing should posses weight. Or, is that mass and weight of an object only exist when a set of conditions fulfilled?
2. Everyone must heard of electroshock, but why there isn’t lightshock? Given both belong to electromagnetic spectrum. Why there is categorical difference between two E-M wave? Why electricity has a body(electron) while light has no embodiment? Why we couldn’t apply the concept like resistance, inductance, capacity, voltage into the realm of light?
3. Given a standing wave must have an interage multiple of its wavelength when it is isolated in a blackbox. I assume that we can easily isolate light within a vicinity as in common sense, then it follow that there are some length which light wave can’t be formed because of its numerical properties. If we build a room deliberately choosing length, breadth and width with the number that is indivisible by wavelength of a particular light, then theoretical we can NEVER find any object emitting that kind of light however we power it. If it is indeed the case experimentally, we found evidence that light is a standing wave,or otherwise light is a standing wave, or light can never be isolated in any part of the space.



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