Comments on an experiment

Sun, Jan 8, 2006 at 12:38 PM

The follow are my comments AND suggestions for the pendulum experiment. I am most interested in this experiment than other.
For the elevator example, last time I forgot to mention this experiment require two participate: One for holding the elevator in that floor to stimulate normal g, another for initialize the pendulum and record all its parameter. Press a button to go up or down while the pendulum is in motion. The one control the elevator then use his/her feeling of weight to determine when is the elevator start and end accerlerating in a particular direction. another then observe and record all its parameter within this period.
A much simpler method is when one is riding inside a truck with enough space for this experiment. When the truck is move uphill, it is similar to dilution of g. When the truck is moving downhill, it is similar to increased g condition. We can determine the change of g later by measuring the slope of the hill, but usually the slope is stated in a road sign nearby. The biggest setback of this experiment is the acceleration or deceleration of the truck, thus we ideally require a truck traveling at a constant speed. We could start the experiment when the truck is moving at the flat land, recording the parameter; then while the pendulum is still in motion that we drive the truck uphill or downhill, and record the parameteres accordingly. The experiment has the advantage of an EVEN gravitational field everywhere in the range of motion of pendulum, the difficult maybe we need someone to drive the truck.
Feel free to make any comment, I am unlikely to reply to them within today as I have few claims to file.



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