Comment on the police inquiry of Edison Chen


Lastly and finally, after a month of self-impose exile, Edison Chen went back to Hong Kong for his press conference, then for police questioning. As expected, he is ‘fully cooperate in the presence of a lawyer’. Following the oligarchy logic dominate this scandal: “Rich people can never commits any crime and be punished for it as ordinary citizen’, he is finished with the passing mark: No new charges is pressed on him. It does appear that the effort of Netizen of finding new charges on Edison Chen is fruitless. How could we expect otherwise when Edison Chen’s father has connections to Beijing, and his father could vote for CEO ‘election’ in HKSARG. How could should a powerful person be morally wrong by the logic of Pan-Moralism?
What is curious to me in this case is, by common sense, Edison should be the first one to be questioned when the scandal broke out, so to save police energy in determine the validity of each claim/rumor against him. However, he is permitted to depart from Hong Kong for a whole month before the questioning and collection of evidences. Anyone who has some understanding law knows that evidence collected after a month (which the suspect has strong motive for possible tampering) is useless in the Court of Law. Can we just trust Edison’s good faith of not doing anything to them even when facing prosecution of criminal charges? Or it is the logic of Hong Kong Police that the rich will NEVER tamper with any incriminating evidences for one month?
Therefore, in my mind, justice is dead in this case. So does the logic, no charge could be pressed against Edison Chen not because he is proven to be innocent by due process. It is that the police make the mistake in letting him depart for a whole month from the crime investigation. There is now no way to clear his name logically, he would remain a suspect in the crimes suggested by Netizen forever. So if he has anyone to blame, Hong Kong Police is there to be blamed for lack of common sense, and Edison reputation is thus unable to recover due to that.
Edison, please sue Hong Kong Police for compensation on ruining your public image: You ruin it first, they intend to help you but end up hurting you. That is the idea of stupidity.


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