The current score in Edison Chen scandal

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Let’s do a small summary of the scores by each player in Edison Chen’s scandal in the current form.

A. The Police, score the biggest lost in its image of impartiality, efficiency. Now every criminal could challenge the legitimacy and authority of Police regarding the law. It is a public relationship disaster. The advantage of oligarchy is that the chief of Police wouldn’t be fired due to public pressure.

B. Netizen, scored first win against what it seen as Police brutality. However, now the Privacy Commission is taking about revising the Privacy, and censorship bodies finally start rethinking the Indecent Object Control Ordinance. Since they perceived that Christian Right has dominated the censorship bodies, it is unlikely to result in a less-restrictive domain of Internet.

C. Entertainment Industry, a big loser because of the lack of creativity in their respond. If only could their respond leaning toward the Leftist/Humanist/Liberal, then they may score some points. However, since the reality of ‘Entertainment-Economic-Political’ monopolization; that option isn’t open for them. It is likely that many more Kira would attack them in similar fashion, the are going to lose each and every time.

D. Humanist/Liberal/Leftist, should be a win at least at the early beginning when Christian Right are remarkably silence about this incident. However, as times goes by, it appears to me now that the public are begin to resort to their always-worked Pan-Moralist framework of thinking. The only real score is the damage inflicted in the image of Christian Right as a moral defender. Next time when Christian Right try to stir up a moral crisis, this incident would be an excellent talking point.

E. Christian Right, scored some lost in early beginning as it become a target of choice by D. However, the current strategy of upholding the privacy of the affected celebrities while ignoring the hypocrisy appears to be working now. And because of its cozy relationship with censorship bodies, its unpopular influence is unlikely to be cleared out of the system. Furthermore, it may use this incident as an excuse to further restricting the freedom of speech in the Internet using copyright and privacy.

My conclusion, this incident is unlikely to result in any permanent change in status quo of social/political/psychological reality of Hong Kong. If anything that really matter, is the empowerment of B and D to wage war against A,C,E. Moreover, the alliance of Netizen/Liberal/Leftist/Humanist/ Pro-Democratic parties would be further strengthened. This is not a good news to HKSARG, or Beijing.



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