Psychohistory understanding of Kira(II)

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Kira, obviously, know how to apply his psychohistorical knowledge of Hong Kong to plan his next move. So he notices the following things:

1. Media usually doesn’t have much news to report during Chinese new year. It is not because there is nothing happening in the society, it is because of the implicit responsibility for media not to report bad news during the period. So any news could easily dominate headline for days.
2. Media love scandal from entertainment industry, much more so than scandal in politics and economics arena. That is surest way to increase circulation. Any act of suppression would further increase sales;
3. Other than cover-up and suppression, the entertainment industry/Police/Christian Right doesn’t have any other means to due with moral crisis. And those art must further irritate the population.
4. Most citizen love to take on the rich/powerful/famous as a means to vent their frustration in life and perceived injustice of the society (‘Entertainment-Economic-Political monopolization’, entanglement of ‘Christian Right—Pro-Beijing political parties—Pro-Beijing media), Internet has become the emotional outlet of choice. Attacking the liberality of that is asking for trouble.
5. Liberalism is the ideology of choice for most Hong Kong citizen, especially in time of crisis. Pan-Moralist dominate only during ‘peaceful’ time. Pan-moralism is only a skeleton, liberalism is alive.



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