About the deception of the label ‘Luxury Apartment’


Hello friends,
HK’s advertisement is often about ‘Luxury Apartment’, I would like to ask how luxurious are those ‘Luxury Apartment’:
A. How endurable is the building? 50 years, 100 years. How is comparable to cheapskate apartment(public housing)?
B. What is the quality of the sewage system compare to other? Do it perform excellent in 99.9% of the time?
You certainly can’t qualify ‘Luxury Apartment’ with those of occasional sewage issue.
C. What is the quality of the elevator system? Do it perform excellent in 99.9% of the time? How long does it take to transport from one floor to another? How is its availability? Does it take at most 1 minute from any floor to another?
D. Does it never have any problem of pest infestation regardless of the inhabitant and his/her behavior?
E. Does it provide facilitate for Drying the cloth within/outside the apartment? Does it place that facilitate next to the kitchen to ensure the clothes are always oily? Or outside the apartment with no protection from rain?
F. How is the quality of air ventilation system, if that exist? Does it require your air-conditioner to be always on?
G. What is the endurability of the floor? Does it worn down easily?
H. How is the interior spacing different from other? How does it demonstrate the value by the spacing of the apartment?

Wake up, there is no ‘Luxury Apartment’ in HK. All the idiots!

Innovative Thinker




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