Earth’s Magnetic Field: An explanation

This is written as a sequel to ‘Why Earth’s Magnetism?’

The basic thrust of the last article is that the relative rotational movement between Earth’s outermost crust(plates) and the molten crust is the cause of magnetic field.

First, the spinning of Earth along the orbit is likely the result of process that led to the formation of Earth. So the rotational kinetic energy is really the source of Earth’s magnetism. Second, the strength of Earth’s magnetism is too weak if all molten crust is moving in the direction. Third, from common sense, the outer

Consider a ball rotating in the air: First it would gradually slowing down in one direction, then it would spin in the opposite direction; and the process go on indefinitely. And in each iteration, the speed of rotation would be slower than previous iteration.

Now suppose that ball is spinning in the vacuum, then the ball, in principle, would spin forever. When the ball is made of viscous liquid, then there will be a difference of rotational speed at different depth. If this viscous liquid is made of ion, then by Einstein’s theory of relativity, the difference of speed of rotation would be experience as magnetism.

To test this hypothesis, we only need to compare the direction of spinning of Earth and the direction of magnetic pole. Magnetic pole is known to gradually relocating, if my hypothesis is accurate, then this could be explained by the fluid dynamic of the molten crust. Moreover, as the molten crust is slowly solidify due to heat lost by radiation, we would expect a relationship between change of strength of Earth’s magnetic field and the absolute temperature of Earth.


2 Responses to Earth’s Magnetic Field: An explanation

  1. […] The Core—Magnetism of Earth In the movie ‘The Core’ that describe a mission to save the humanity from the weakening of Earth’s Magnetic field. A boat is sent down from the volcano to travel in the magma,  it then detonate nuclear weapon at various point in its trajectory to re-energize the magma current beneath the Earth’s crust. Earth’s magnetic field, in this movie, is produced by circulation of magma. However, it never stated clearly whether this circulation is independent of the spinning of Earth’s outermost crust, or the spinning of Earth is in the same direction of the magma. If Einstein’s Theory of relativity and the central tenet of Classic electromagnetism is right, then we expect that it should the relative movement between the magma and Earth’s outermost crust that produce Earth’s weak magnetic field. It is pure non-sense to me that the magma could rotate independently of the spinning of Earth’s outermost crust. If they are not rotating in the same direction, then we should expect the slowing down of rotational velocity of both, and Earth’s magnetic field gradually weaken (Until the day when their velocity is equal) However, from the record of magnetized fossil, we have seen the Earth’s magnetic polarity has switched periodically. That would be best explained using the fluid dynamic of magma and viscosity which I proposed in my last article. […]

  2. […] 忘了最近寫這篇提出的新証據去證明地磁是和岩漿流動的流動模式有關,因為地球的南北磁極是每年都同步移動的,如果是由固態磁性物體而形成就解釋不了,而用地電的流動也有點牽強,所以我提出的假說最合乎目前已知的事實,只是人類目前的科技不足以驗明或否定我的假說。 […]


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