Indecency by exposure?

(WARNING: THIS links below contain MATERIAL WHICH MAY OFFEND AND MAY NOT BE DISTRIBUTED, CIRCULATED, SOLD, HIRED, GIVEN, LENT, SHOWN, PLAYED OR PROJECTED TO A PERSON UNDER THE AGE OF 18 YEARS 警告: 以下連結內容可能令人反感; 不可將本物品派發、傳閱、出售、出租、交給或出借予年齡未滿18歲的人士或將本物品向該等人士出示、播放或放映。)


In this incident of indecent exposure of Edison and various sex partner, many see his sins lies in indirectly expose the minor to explicit adult material, which ‘harm’ their moral development. So, despite his apologies, and his willingness to compensate his ‘misgiving’ by doing community service, many see him as .
Let’s not talk about whether if there is any scientific basis to the statement that Edison has harm the whole generation’s moral development: The mindset of ‘Indecency by exposure’ is essentially what underlie all Pan-moralist thinking, and what they interpret as the whole point of censorship system: ‘Prevent indecent material from containment the innocent minor’. The theory is that: Once the innocent minor is contacted the indecent material, s/he would be on sloppy slope to a disgraceful life.
Take an example from Oriental Newspaper long time ago, it has carry a news that over 40% of female is Hong Kong has been molested in various ways(inappropriately touched in MTR, indecent exposure, suggestive story). What this story implies, is those unfortunate 40% female has lost their sexual innocence psychologically through those minor incident; and man would lost interest in them once they acknowledged that. There is also a term in Cantonese known as ‘Brought out the evil of the kid’— which a ‘bad’ kid has somehow ‘force’ their ‘good’ kid to acknowledge the existence of sexuality(for example, by using profane language); then it follow that the good kid will now never think of anything other than sex, eventually become addicted to sex. Lastly, there is a theory in psychology which Gay get their ‘indecent’ tendency to fell in the love with the same sex because they are molested as a child by Gay man.
I don’t want to go into in-depth discussion of each case, it is suffice to say that the last example is telling of the validity of Pan-moralist frame of thinking: There is ABSOLUTELY no evidence in any scientific to support this ‘Gay-containmation theory’; yet it is what all Christian Right believe(Like Society of Truth and Light).
Edison Chen has done nothing wrong except being careless, it is just happen that we live in a hypocritical society!



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