The symbolic meaning of Edison Chen’s scandal

(WARNING: THIS links below contain MATERIAL WHICH MAY OFFEND AND MAY NOT BE DISTRIBUTED, CIRCULATED, SOLD, HIRED, GIVEN, LENT, SHOWN, PLAYED OR PROJECTED TO A PERSON UNDER THE AGE OF 18 YEARS 警告: 以下連結內容可能令人反感; 不可將本物品派發、傳閱、出售、出租、交給或出借予年齡未滿18歲的人士或將本物品向該等人士出示、播放或放映。)


In the beginning of year of Rat, Kira has steal a private property to be shared over the Internet. He do so in the name of exposing hypocrisy and defending public interest. Rat is the expert for stealing by outwitting and circumventing the traps set by human. Rat could complain of human monopolizing nature resource.

Applying that into this scandal, since Hong Kong Police has given up its first case against the first Netizen charged with uploading these photos, that we see this time the clever and fierce rat would forever out of the cage. The cat only care about the rat that is weak and timid. Even if the BIGGEST rat is caught, it become pointless as the photos is now all over the Internet. Suppose someone can destroy all the chesses, the police can never undone the impact of these chesses to the society.

Where is the cat? No, we are all rat, including the biggest rat: Hong Kong government who expert at exploiting the poor and powerless/Entertainment industry/Christian Right/Liberal/Media/Netizen/Politician. Small rat is stealing from the Big rat, how bad is that? We don’t need a cat, we just need to be a better rat!

Just another unrelated thought, the year of rat is also said to be the year of highest birth rate, since rat copulate daily. Now I realize how true is this statement. After over 2 million citizens seen,heard,read daily of Edison bodily adventure; it would be real surprising if many of them aren’t thinking of having sex? That certainly alleviate the issue of aging of Hong Kong population.


One Response to The symbolic meaning of Edison Chen’s scandal

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