The similiarity between Edison Chen and Christian Right

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Christian Right(Society of Truth and Light);

Has once assert its copyright of its symbol against an Anti-Christian Right website (, because the name of website is ‘too similar’ to its own. This is the classical tactic of using copyright as a means to suppress the speech freedom of opposing opinion, commonly applied by Christian Right worldwide.

Edison Chen:
Assert that he has the copyright of these scandal photo. After Hong Kong Police has failed to do his bidding to suppress information which is damaging to the career of this celebrity using legal means(Has no case in court, drop the charge), he then use copyright as a weapon to suppress any photo depicting him as having sex with various celebrities. Anyone is distributing these photo without his consent will face expensive law suit and face penalty of imprisonment. The tactic is Much like STL, and Christian Right movement worldwide.
As far as I remember, a website make a parody of SCMP, a pro-Beijing English newspaper is sue down by South China Morning Post. Former Lindows(Now Linsipire), rival operating system website to Microsoft, is sued because Microsoft claim to have the right of the word ‘Windows’.

Should someone alert the Electronic Frontier Foundation in USA?



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