The option for Edison and Gillian

(WARNING: THIS links below contain MATERIAL WHICH MAY OFFEND AND MAY NOT BE DISTRIBUTED, CIRCULATED, SOLD, HIRED, GIVEN, LENT, SHOWN, PLAYED OR PROJECTED TO A PERSON UNDER THE AGE OF 18 YEARS 警告: 以下連結內容可能令人反感; 不可將本物品派發、傳閱、出售、出租、交給或出借予年齡未滿18歲的人士或將本物品向該等人士出示、播放或放映。)


Gillian really doesn’t have a choice to defend herself from any perspective other than Ultra-Moralism in this scandal. Because the last indecent picture of her undressing, she has over-play the card of Ultra-Moralism by allying herself with Christian Right(Society of Truth and Light), conservative Pro-Beijing political party like Democratic Alliance for Betterment of Hong Kong. And Now the same card is hitting on her as hard as she play it last time.
Edison Chen, however, who has less an association with the moral/political conservative than Gillian, have more card on his table. He could either play as a good/responsible man or a bad/irresponsible boy. In the former case, he apologize for all mischief(The biggest being himself) and reassert that he is sided with Pan-Moralism. In the later case, he could said ‘There is nothing wrong with me making love with consent partner. This is a private matter, and the photos has been stolen from me. Please respect my right of sexual freedom and my right to privacy.’
If that is such a case, I would be the first one to cheer him up in his press conference; I would joined his liberal club(for access to girls)!



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