Psychological background of Edison-Gillian scandal

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Gillian/Edison/Cellica— Authority in the sense of celebrity representative of young generation (1x-2x), often employed by Hong Kong government to brainwash the younger generation into submission to Beijing’s political agenda.
Gillian/Edison/Cellica— Moral model employed by Christian Right to demonstrate their sense of morality.
Gillian/Edison/Cellica— Commonly seen as supporter of Hong Kong government, sided with conservative(Pro-Beijing) political parties.

Attacking the image of Gill/Edison/Cellica—indirectly attacking HK government’s moral authority, and printed Christian Right as hypocritical; weaken the legitimacy of Hong Kong government.

Attacking the image of Gill/Edison/Cellica—encourage more Pro-Democratic Netizen to rebel against HK government by taking on the symbol representing Hong Kong government.


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